Xamdi Talk

Xamdi Talk is a lifestyle blog with a soulful twist. This blog is about sharing our stories, experiences and empowering each other as young Somalis growing in the diaspora.




I have been writing for as long as I can remember and blogging since I was sixteen, so it’s safe to say that my passion goes deep. Recent events have seen my blog deleted, although this has saddened me, it has motivated me to produce content that is beneficial for my loyal readers.

As lifestyle blog, I will be publishing content about life, health, education and all things Somali. This a platform for all Somalis.

Peace & Love,

Xamdi ♥

  • Muhammed Hassan

    asc Hamdi, I appreciate the work you doing there, keep going, the sky is the limit.

    We are a team have started developing websites for individuals and small businesses, Since you already got one, we could help in maintaining and monitoring the Website, and as well as adding new cool features.

    Thank you. all the best